Preparing for the varied hazards of wildfire season

Wildfires strike quickly in Colorado, and they can spark short- and long-term consequences for businesses.

Your building might be in the path of a wildfire, causing a temporary shutdown or financial hardship. You may need to file a claim for an injured emergency worker or your employee. You could have to implement a wildfire evacuation plan for the first time. Or you may even worry that your business accidentally contributed to the cause of the fire.

In every instance, proactive planning and awareness can help keep your employees safe and your business running during a frightening time.  

Remember: Wildfires can affect your workplace in unexpected ways. Even a distant fire, raging miles away could produce smoke that diminishes air quality and impairs the breathing of employees with respiratory conditions, impacting their ability to perform their jobs.

Wildfire prevention and preparedness safety resources for workers’ compensation for firefighters, tracking wildfires, and more: