Tornado response procedures

Sample Tornado Response Procedure

This procedure will be followed when weather conditions indicate that a tornado or other severe weather may affect company facilities. This procedure assumes that designated personnel on the emergency call list will be contacted to make the decision that building employees should take cover in designated shelter areas.

  1. A weather alert radio will be kept at the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist will monitor emergency weather broadcasts made by the National Weather Service. If the NWS broadcasts a Tornado Watch, the receptionist will contact key company employees on the emergency call list and advise them of the potential weather conditions.
  2. If the NWS issues a Tornado Warning for the area where the company is located, the receptionist will immediately contact available key company employees and advise them that a warning has been issued.
  3. Key company employees will proceed to the receptionist’s desk and will decide if the approaching weather system affects the company facility. This decision will be based on NWS broadcasts, commercial radio broadcasts and observation of approaching weather.
  4. If the decision is made to send employees to shelter areas, an announcement will be made on the company public address system. Employees will be accounted for in the shelter areas.
  5. All employees will go to shelter areas and remain there until the weather system has passed and the “all clear” has been issued by the NWS.
  6. When leaving shelter areas, employees must be vigilant in case of any building damage or downed power lines outside the building.
  7. Key company employees will evaluate the effects of the storm and will make the decision whether to continue building operations.