Emergency preparedness

Responding to emergencies

It's critical to prepare your employees to handle emergencies in the workplace, such as fire, severe weather, chemical spill, medical, violence or utility failure. An emergency may seriously interrupt normal business operations, and, in most cases, normal operating procedures will not be sufficient to deal with the situation. Agencies of public safety (fire, police and emergency medical personnel) may also need to be engaged.

Use the downloads below to build and implement an emergency preparedness program in your organization.

When working on a unique project or in a remote location, be sure to find out if the local public safety agencies are prepared to handle all types of emergencies. If not, you will need to come up with a contingency plan in the event of an emergency. To discuss emergency planning in more detail, contact your Pinnacol safety consultant or visit our Safety Hub for more information on safety services and training options.

Don't forget to use a training roster to document your employee safety training.