Pinnacol Approved Safety Group Training

The following risk management training courses have been pre-approved by Pinnacol Assurance for safety groups. A member of Pinnacol’s team will conduct this training at your group’s location or as an online webinar.

All safety group training requests will need to be submitted no less than 45 days prior to the training. Complete the Safety Group Training Approval form and submit it to

Health Hazards and Personal Protective Equipment Basics (75 mins.)

Do you use chemicals in your workplace? It's important to have a written hazard communication program, as required by law. The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), also known as the "Right to Know" standard, was created by OSHA to evaluate and communicate the hazards of all chemicals used in the workplace to employers and employees. Join our 75-minute class to learn about HCS and its requirements for a written program. We'll even guide you in creating your own program.

Incident Investigation (30 mins.)

Are the same incidents occurring at your organization over and over again? Discover how investigations can be used as a learning tool to identify causal factors of an incident. During this program, participants will:

  • Outline how to use incident investigations as a learning tool to improve the system
  • Discuss the importance of being open to multiple causal factors
  • Define human error as a symptom not a cause of incidents

Intro to HOP

What is HOP? HOP or Human and Organizational Performance is a new approach to safety in the workplace. HOP looks at people as just one part of a bigger system. It recognizes that employees and processes all influence each other to get the work done. HOP isn’t just another program or set of rules to follow. It’s a mindset, a way of thinking about work and its impact on people and processes. This course will help you understand the 5 principles of human organizational performance and how these can help your organizations achieve better results.

Investigating Behaviors of Concern (30-60 min.) 

You will gain awareness of threat management terms and concepts, including the pathway to violence and the importance of a workplace violence prevention program. You will also receive a brief overview on investigating behaviors of concern and identifying violence potential in others.

Leveraging Medical Provider Relationships (60 min.)

Selecting a medical provider to care for your employees is similar to choosing your own family physician — the relationship is based on trust and communication. In workers' compensation, the primary care provider, also known as the designated medical provider, is the key to effective and efficient medical treatment for your injured workers. This course focuses on how to select and get to know your providers before you need to know them.

Making Getting Back to Work Work for You (60 min.)

If you are a new Pinnacol policyholder or new to handling workers’ compensation claims, this course is for you! It is designed to help employers get injured workers back to work safely to work by offering modified duty. You’ll learn when and how to contact Pinnacol’s Return to Work™ consulting team and what resources are available to you. You’ll also discover how offering modified duty can help your organization better manage your claims and save money. Topics include:

  • The benefits of modified duty
  • How to offer modified duty
  • How to identify modified duty tasks
  • Pinnacol’s resources and tools

Navigating Getting Back to Work: Finding Your Way (120 min.)

Can you imagine experiencing only non-lost time claims? Pinnacol’s Return to Work consulting can help to achieve this effort by assisting you in developing a written policy and program. This will help you efficiently navigate bringing your injured worker back on the job, avoid roadblocks on the highway to modified duty, control the cost of the claim and enhance the recovery of your injured worker. This course focuses on the components of a written program, the formal job offer process, modified duty task development and program

Optimize Productivity Management Based on Your Sleep Patterns (30-minute interactive session, attendees will be asked to participate)

Discover your hidden pattern of daily life to increase your mood and productivity at work. During this program, participants will: 

  • Determine chronotype to promote self-awareness
  • Discuss when to complete certain activities throughout the day to promote safety
  • Create a plan to manage and track daily productivity

Respiratory Protection Basics (60 mins.)

Are you aware that OSHA's Respiratory Protection standards are the third most frequently cited violation by OSHA? Is your line of work susceptible to airborne respirable contaminants? To ensure employee safety, OSHA mandates employers to implement a written respiratory protection program. In our affordable one-hour course, we'll cover the OSHA respiratory protection standards, how to create a program, permissible exposure limits, medical evaluation requirements for respirator use, fit testing procedures, and employee voluntary use of respirators.

Return to Work consulting — Revolution in Communication (60-90 min.)

Successfully getting an injured employee back to work is contingent on the employer/employee relationship. Mounting statistical evidence demonstrates that the emotional impact of an injury is more expensive than the physical injury itself. In this training Pinnacol’s Return to Work consulting will guide you through how developing a culture of caring communication can help you get injured employees back to work quickly, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Safety & Health Program Management (60 min.)

Are you dissatisfied with your Safety & Health Program? Maybe you don't have one at all. Our one-hour course can teach you how to implement an effective safety program that reduces incidents. We'll cover the advantages of having a program, the process of creating and managing a program that involves employees and spreads the workload, and how it can help reduce incident costs.

Safety Through Effective Leadership (30 min.)

Successful business leaders empower their employees to make decisions, speak up about concerns and take ownership of the work they do each day. Business owners, effective managers and supervisors also see their employees as the solution for workplace safety concerns. Learn how fostering trust, engaging in active listening and demonstrating care and concern for employees can help build a culture of safety.

Situational Awareness (30-minute interactive session, attendees will be asked to participate) (Available in English and Spanish)

Discover how to practice situational awareness to create habits for your brain to detect hazards and identify safer options. During this program, participants will: 

  • Define situational awareness.
  • Complete situational awareness exercises
  • Discuss how to identify your surroundings to prevent hazards from becoming an emergency

Unscrambling the Claims Puzzle (60 min.)

Understanding your rights and responsibilities after an employee is injured is a key component to managing claims costs. This course provides information about workers’ compensation benefits and rules while connecting the pieces involved in handling claims. After completing this course, you will be equipped to play an active role in the claims management process. Topics include:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits provided to injured workers
  • Workers’ compensation rules and processes
  • Communicating with designated medical providers
  • Techniques and tools for managing losses