How to write a getting back to work business policy

A written getting back to work policy lets your employees know what your organization will do if a work-related injury occurs. Your policy should be tailored to your organization.

Your getting back to work policy should consist of the following elements:

- Clearly state the purpose of your policy

- Designate a modified duty coordinator

- Outline the expectations of the employer and the injured worker's responsibilities

- Identify your designated medical providers


Make sure your policy is signed by management and shared with existing and new employees. Once you implement a policy, it is important that you enforce it consistently. You should also share your policy with your designated medical providers. This informs your providers that you have a policy and pre-planned goals, and it will also help expedite the getting back to work process.

View the sample getting back to work policy below for an example of how you might write your own policy. Then download the customizable getting back to work policy document to create your own for your organization.