Preparing your business for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

How to Best Protect Your Business and Workers from the Coronavirus

Around the globe, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is receiving heightened attention for infecting tens of thousands of people and disrupting travel, public gatherings, schools and some business operations. While experts assert the risk to workers in Colorado is still low, we do have confirmed cases in the state and businesses should prepare for the possibility of widespread infections.

We will continually assess this evolving situation and its impacts, and will communicate any important information to our customers and stakeholders.

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Coronavirus Questions and Answers for Colorado Businesses

Q: If one of my employees suspects they'e contracted COVID-19 at work, is that a compensable workers' compensation illness?

A: With the growing number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in Colorado, it's crucial to prepare your workplace in case one of your employees gets the virus. Part of that preparation is understanding whether employees could claim workers’ compensation if they contract the virus. For such a claim to be admitted, the employee would have to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the infection arose out of and in the course of employment.

This approach is no different than any other claim of workplace exposure to contamination or illness. If the worker was on the clock and on the premises at the time of the exposure to the virus and can establish a causal connection between the duties of their employment and the infection, then the claim may beheld compensable. If the virus were to become widespread throughout Colorado, it may be difficult for a worker to prove COVID-19 was contracted at work versus elsewhere in the community. A worker will need to be able to trace the contraction of the virus to a particular time, place and cause in the workplace for it to be deemed compensable.

Q: If my business requests or requires employees to work from home and they get injured, is that a compensable workers' compensation injury?

A: We will investigate and evaluate any claimed injury that occurs while working from home just as we would a claim in the workplace. We will determine whether the injury occurred in the course and scope of employment and arose out of the employment.

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