Office employee safety — more than just ergonomics

Think you can't get hurt in an office environment? Think again. Even though your employees may not be handling heavy machinery, there's still the potential for injuries related to repetitive movement; slips, trips and falls; eyestrain; materials handling and more. Employers often neglect office staff due to an assumption of reduced risk and hazard exposure. Avoid office employee accidents and injuries by ensuring that your safety programs and efforts address hazards related to office work.


Did you know that Pinnacol policyholders have access to our Office Ergonomics Interactive DVD? This resource was designed to help policyholders:- Reduce repetitive motion injuries to office workers, customer service workers and other employees

- Teach employees how to properly set up their workstations

- Lower workers' compensation costs and keep employees safe on the job

- Establish an effective office ergonomics program

Don't forget to use a training roster to document your employee safety training.