Cost Containment Concierge

Cost Containment Concierge

1) What is it?

We created the Cost Containment Concierge to help anyone interested in Cost Containment. Our in-house experts will guide you through all six steps to get certified. 

2) How does it work? 

If you’re interested in cost containment, visit our Cost Containment Certification page

  • Click the “get started” button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Enter your business name and email address. 
  • Watch for the welcome email. 
  • Your information will be sent to a concierge specialist. 
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email inviting you to schedule time with a concierge specialist.
  • The specialist will walk you through the program to help address your needs.  
  • After the meeting, the specialist will identify areas of the CCC program the you need to address.  
  • Once you’ve completed all six steps of the cost containment plan, you’re eligible to apply for the certification. The discount will be applied during your renewal period. 

3) Is my business a good fit?

Yes! If you have a comprehensive safety program and protocols in place, you might already be eligible for cost containment certification. Even if you’re starting from scratch, we can guide you through the process. 

4) Why is it beneficial? 

Our customers can access resources such as sample documentation for safety policies, structured meeting minutes templates, and an array of other tools to get your safety program started. These efforts will help you develop a good safety culture at the workplace, which can lead to fewer incidents. Once certified, employers can save 5% on their workers’ comp policy, which compounds over time. 

5) How do I connect with a concierge? 

You can reach out to your safety consultant or visit the Cost Containment page to get started.

Spanish Version: Estado de Colorado Certificación en Contención de Costos