Cost Containment Certification

Step 1: Safety policy declaration

Cost Containment Certification requires one full year of documentation demonstrating the minimum requirements outlined in Steps 1-6 are in place and effective at your organization.

To kick-off your business’s cost containment certification application preparation there must first be a total commitment to occupational safety from top management. 

When applying for certification, your organization's commitment must be expressed in a policy statement. 

Think of the policy as your safety mission statement. All employees — from management to the front line — should know that workplace safety is a shared priority for all in your organization.

Cost Containment Certification application requirements

When you’re ready to apply for certification, you’ll need to provide the following documentation for Step 1:

  1.  A copy of your organization’s safety policy.

Make sure your organization’s safety policy declaration statement:

  • Reflects the philosophy of top management. 
  • Addresses that the safety and health of all employees are a top priority. 
  • Documents employer and employee responsibilities with regard to safety.
  • Includes dated signatures from top management
  • Is posted in a common and accessible area for easy employee access

Additional safety policy guidance

Creating an effective safety policy

Your organization’s policy should:

  • Use clear, simple language so it can be easily understood by all employees.
  • Ideally be kept to one page in length.
  • Describe management’s overall philosophy on safety.
  • Be signed and dated by one of your top executives to demonstrate senior management’s commitment to a safety culture.
  • Outline employer and employee responsibilities as they relate to safety.
  • Be clearly communicated to all employees.
  • Be reviewed and updated annually.

Sample Safety Policy

Communicating your safety policy

Here are some tips for sharing your safety policy to all employees:

  • Make your policy the first page of your organization’s safety manual or employee manual.
  • Post your policy in a common area where all employees can see it.
  • Share management’s safety philosophy and policy highlights at company meetings.

Pinnacol Assurance assumes no responsibility for management or control of customer safety activities. Please ensure your business meets the requirements of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or ordinances related to workplace safety.

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