Accident investigations

As a caring employer, you want to provide the safest possible working environment for your employees. Unfortunately, despite your best intentions and most careful precautions, employees sometimes get injured on the job. Accidents and injuries cost time, money and effort. Therefore, when accidents happen, it's important to conduct an accident investigation to ensure that the same situation does not happen again. Nearly all accidents can be prevented through a change in management process, attitude, training, equipment, maintenance or policy. Without conducting a thorough accident investigation, many of these indicators will go unnoticed and could result in repeated failures and accidents.

This section provides employers with the tools necessary to conduct thorough accident investigations. More detailed information may also be obtained by contacting your Pinnacol Assurance safety consultant, or by contacting Safety On Call at


When conducting an accident investigation, it is important to look beyond the basic questions of who was involved and why it happened. Identifying the root causes of the situation will often lead to more effective change and better solutions to the problem.

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