December 11, 2023

Understanding OSHA'S Focus Four to Ensure Worksite Safety

OSHA's “Focus Four” are four hazardous tasks that, if eliminated, could save up to 500 lives annually.

These dangers involve falls, electrocutions, caught-in-between incidents, and being struck by an object or force. To better understand the risks and protect employers from these risks, OSHA created the Focus Four.

With a dedicated focus on preventing accidents caused by these common workplace hazards, organizations can significantly improve workplace safety standards and potentially save many lives each year. Understanding the risks associated with the “Focus Four” is essential for keeping your employees safe at work.


Falls are the most imminent and dangerous threat to safety in construction workplaces. According to the data, falls account for more than 30% of construction-related deaths each year and result in the most severe injuries in the industry. In 2016, an enormous 40% of fatalities within the construction sector were caused by falls.

Further common causes of death include electrocution, 'struck-by' incidents, and 'caught-in or -between' accidents which together contribute over 20% to total fatalities.

OSHA Initiatives

With OSHA's Focus Four initiatives, these frequent hazards are managed on job sites so that personnel can remain safe while working. Recognizing these risks and staying current with OSHA safety regulations can prevent disasters in such a hazardous industry as construction.

How Pinnacol Assurance can help

At Pinnacol, we take safety seriously. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need to create and maintain a safe work environment. One tool that can prove vital to those efforts is an understanding of OSHA's Focus Four program and how it can be implemented in your workplace.

Through Pinnacol's safety training courses and resources we hope to foster your understanding of these hazards and minimize the risks they pose to you and your workforce. By working together, we can create a job site that is safer and more productive for everyone involved.

Your well-being is our top priority and we can't wait to support you as you prioritize workplace safety. Trust us to be your partner in building a better tomorrow.

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