April 15, 2019

Summer safety tips for seasonal workers

Colorado’s low unemployment rate, which has prompted a labor shortage across many industries, could spark robust seasonal hiring this summer. Students and people returning to the workforce following a break often fill these positions.

Studies have found these temporary workers face greater risk of injury than non-temps. Whether you hire part-time lifeguards or landscapers directly or your use a temp agency, it is your responsibility to keep these workers as safe as your full-time employees.

Employers must offer site-specific training and inform workers of dangers specific to the industry, such as Lyme disease (a rare but rising risk) and water safety. Use these additional tips to ensure a safe and successful summer for both sides:

  • Assign seasonal hires a mentor to answer questions about safety.
  • Train them to properly use chain saws, motorized vehicles and other equipment.
  • Identify machinery they should not operate.
  • Promote the benefits of sunscreen and proper hydration for employees working outside.
  • Include seasonal employees in company-wide meetings to keep them abreast of important developments and updates.
  • Keep their job duties consistent from day to day.
  • If you employ people under age 18, get to know the jobs and tools they are legally not allowed to perform or use and provide supervision at all times.
  • Consult J.J. Keller’s resources for solutions tailored to specific industries.

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