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David Knell

Industrial Hygienist - Safety Consultant


David Knell

Industrial Hygienist

As a safety consultant and industrial hygienist at Pinnacol Assurance since 2012, David Knell helps Pinnacol policyholders develop, implement and improve their safety programs. Knell consults with them about OSHA compliance and risk management, in addition to facilitating safety training in industries including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and food and beverage. He is also the assigned safety consultant for the Colorado Livestock Association and the Northern Colorado Better Business Bureau. 

In 2017, Knell’s role expanded to include industrial hygiene, as well as conducting air and noise monitoring for Pinnacol customers. He prides himself on taking the time to build relationships and truly understand the operations and struggles of a business so that he can best support their safety efforts. Knell enjoys the opportunity to provide safety training and facilitate shared ideas within common industries.After earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental health with a minor in food science and safety at Colorado State University, he completed an industrial hygiene internship at SAIF, Oregon’s nonprofit workers’ compensation carrier. At SAIF, Knell focused on air and noise monitoring in order to evaluate noise and airborne contaminant levels for policyholders, and offered recommendations for hazard mitigation.

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